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In most of his novels if not all, Nicholas Sparks is very descriptive about the surrounding as well as the characters that are in the novels. By doing this he is able to create a bond between the reader and the characters as well as make the reader feel as if they are part of the story. The reader becomes an insider to the lives of the characters instead of being emotionally detached from the feeling that the character could share with them. Nicholas Sparks uses a lot of imagery in his novels as well as being simple with his sentences and straight to the point. His novels don't tend to drag on and on about the same thing. He is descriptive to keep the reader's attention on the novel as a whole and it also makes the novel more memorable.

Nicholas Sparks uses different kind of imagery such as auditory, visual and olfactory just to name a few of the ones that he uses. Each of his novels has evident auditory imagery which is the dialog between the characters. The dialogs are used to signify important moments in the novel. Everything thing that is spoken between the characters has a meaning that would eventually be demonstrated to the reader the farther along with the novel they get. For example, in "A Bend in the Road" the format of the chapters change and that is because one of the chapters deals with what is going on with Miles and the people around him then following this chapter is a chapter that is straight from the murderer of Miles' wife, this occurs throughout the whole novel. The reason for this is to cause the reader to become part of the murderer; it gets the reader into the deep thoughts of the murderer. It is auditory imagery because the character is speaking all of this in his mind and the reader is able to hear it as they read along.

Imagery is important to almost every single author; it could be what creates the next best seller or the next waste of trees. Lucky for Nicholas Sparks his technique of writing has given him the ability to create a few internationally acclaimed novels. His use of imagery is so effective that the readers of his novels become hooked on his method of writing as well as his story lines. He is very effective at getting his point across to the readers and to all who pick up one of his novels.