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Nicholas Sparks' novels deal with themes like that of love, relationships, commitment or tragedy. At times some of his novels deal with more than one of these themes. At times some of his novels deal with a short-lived romance which doesn't usually end the way that everyone expects it to. For example in Nicholas Sparks' novel "Nights in Rodanthe" the story line is passionate and memorable form beginning to end. He is able to demonstrate the theme of love as well as tragedy at the end of the novel by using smooth and sensitive writing. Most of Nicholas Sparks' novels have the theme of love incorporated into them.

Another great example of a novel that was written by Sparks that has the theme of love in it as well as tragedy is "A Bend in the Road" it shows a romance that occurs between two middle-aged people and their meeting was by chance. The tragedy is that the main character, Miles, has gone through a horrible experience; he lost his with due to a hit and run. This causes chaos between the new couple, Miles and Sarah, which emerges because little did they know that the one who killed Miles' wife, Missy, was none other than Sarah's brother. Even though this is the situation that the characters are placed in, Miles figures it out that his love for Sarah is far greater than his hatred towards the fact that his wife was killed by a hit and run and that it was due to Sarah's brother.

Other great novels that demonstrate one of Nicholas Sparks' theme of love and anything dealing with it are "Message in a Bottle", "The Notebook" and "A Walk to Remember", just to name a few. In the "The Notebook" true love is shown as something that hits you hard and you can't live without it once you find it. The characters are not able to stop thinking about one another even when they are separated by miles as well as by Allie's family. Noah believes in the love he has for Allie and he is sure that in the long run they will be together forever. Even when she suffers from Alzheimer he is there by her side.