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Although Nicholas Sparks hasn't really inspired any authors to follow his writing style or anything of the sort, he was on the other hand inspired by some authors. He was inspired by the authors who wrote "Early from the Dance" which are Pat Conroy and David Payne. Similar to Pat Conroy, Nicholas Sparks uses his stories to explore themes of life, in particular that of love. Pat Conroy uses honesty in his novels as well as a remarkable command of language which touches the heart of many. Sparks has been able to do the same thing with his writing technique because he changes his style of writing to fit his novels. None of his novels follow the same writing style; each one is unique in its own way. On the other hand David Payne is not as well known as Pat Conroy but he was still able to influence Nicholas Sparks. David Payne deals with the other aspects of life. Unlike Pat Conroy, David Payne deals with the negative issues of life. With this mixture one would end up with Nicholas Sparks writing. It is due to this that both of these authors are very influential to Nicholas Sparks and it is them who make him who he is as a writer.