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Unlike most writers, Nicholas Sparks does not have a set writing style. His writing style varies depending on the theme of the novel. Even though the themes of the novels are dealing with love each novel takes a different perspective of love. For example, "The Notebook" is about unconditional and everlasting love and it is due to this theme that Nicholas Sparks' style of writing for this novel is very loving and when the characters are talking they express a lot of emotions even though they might not mention the emotional words. Another example would be "The Wedding" which is about love and the renewal of it. Therefore the novel is very homey and it has a little bit of spirit to it. Its style demonstrates celebration.

Nicholas Sparks' writing style is not set to follow a guideline. He is able to change it as he pleases in order to add to the effect of the novel on the reader. For Nicholas Sparks, his writing style has to be very liberal and flexible because if it was not like that then he would only create similar novels. It is essential that he is able to manipulate his own writing style. The main thing that affects the writing style as said before is the theme of the novel; that is what sets the mood for the writing style. Apparently the theme is very important for Nicholas Sparks' writing because that is what causes a remarkable difference between the narrative voice, the characters, the length and above all the writing style of the novel. Nicholas Sparks is such a great writer because he is able to change his writing style to fit the theme of his novels and ideas.