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Nicholas Charles Sparks was born on December 31, 1965 in Omaha, Nebraska. He is the son of Patrick Michael and Jill Emma Marie Sparks, their second son to be exact. His father was a professor and his mother was a homemaker who later on in life became an optometrist's assistant. He has an older brother named Michael Earl Sparks and he also had a younger sister named Danielle Sparks who died in the year 2000 due to a brain tumor. Unlike most children, Nicholas Sparks' childhood was filled with new experiences because his family moved around a lot. They lived in all sorts of places such as Minnesota, Los Angeles, Grand Island, Nebraska, and Fair Oaks, California were they finally settled. All this took course in the first eight years of his life. After that both him and his family remained in Fair Oats; he attended high school there and graduated valedictorian in his school in the year 1984. Nicholas Sparks received a full scholarship to the University of Notre Dame because of his outstanding participation in track. At Notre Dame he became part of a relay team and in 1985 he broke the university's record, which even up to this day, Nicholas Sparks' record stands. He suffered an injury due to track and during the summer he had to spend his time recovering, it was during this time that he wrote his first novel even though it was never published and not much is know about this novel. Sparks finally graduated in the year 1988 from the University of Notre Dame with high honors and a major in Business Finance.

During his Spring Break that year Nicholas Sparks met Catherine Cote, they began to date and one year afterwards they decided to get married; they got married in July of the year 1989. After they got married they decided to move to Sacramento and during that time Sparks wrote his second novel which was also never published. For the next three years of his life, Nicholas Sparks would be working in a variety of jobs ranging from real estate appraisal to waiting tables, and selling dental products over the phone. He even opened his own manufacturing business which struggled from the very beginning. In the year 1990, he was given the opportunity to work with Billy Mills on a book that was published by Feather Publishing and it was later picked up by Random House. Even though the book received little publicity it was able to sell 50,000 copies in its first year of being released.

In 1992 Nicholas Sparks and his wife Catherine Cote moved from Sacramento to North Carolina and it was there that he began to sell pharmaceuticals. In 1994 Nicholas Sparks wrote his first novel that was published which was entitled "The Notebook", the amazing thing about it was that it only took him six months to write it. One year after this the rights to his novel "The Notebook" were sold to Warner Brothers. After this novel Nicholas Sparks created other novels that were all internationally best sellers and each one was translated into over 35 different languages. Some of these novels include "Message in a Bottle", "A Walk to Remember", "The Rescue", "A Bend in the Road", "Nights in Rodanthe" and a few other ones. All of his novels rights were sold to Warner Brothers. Three of Nicholas Sparks' novels have been turned into movies and they are "Message in a Bottle", "A Walk to Remember" and "The Notebook". Each one of these were box office hits and more are to come. Nicholas Sparks still resides in North Carolina with his wife, Catherine Cote and his five children who are named Miles, Ryan, Landon, Lexie, and Savannah.